“Simply obey.”

Easy to read, hard to receive.

For a long time, I thought there was a formula to freedom.

I thought that if I had completed x amount of deliverance sessions, combined with many months of fasting, and sealed with a fiery prophetic word, I would be free.

The Spirit and the gifts are ours.

We know that these gifts must be used to help strengthen our spirits to receive what God has for us.

However, nothing,

no, nothing,

can replace the significance of simple obedience.

Sure, deliverance is crucial. Generational cycles of sin and shame have sold themselves through blood lines since the dawn of desire.

And sure, fasting helps. After a sacrificial gastronomic fast, I guarantee you will feel a shift in the struggle against yourself.

And of course, I would not be where I am today had countless timely prophetic words not fallen on my ears; particularly while passing through life’s continual crossroads.

But at the end of the day,

all efforts are null unless we obey.

The significance of obedience doesn’t go away.

But here’s what does:

Our fight.

We give up.

We give up the game of walking too close to the edge

and instead,

we walk in places with plenty of space,

so that we

don’t fall.

I did not seek deliverance from the depths of my darkness just to stay down there.

I did not fast intensely, only to then reverse the effects by destroying the health of my spirit.

And I know this to be true, too:

Any prophetic word sent from Heaven will be hearsay,

if I do not obey.

Simply obey.