I love you.

When did I become the strong one?

When did I become the one that others look to?

How do I keep my eyes on you when others start looking at me?

Will you give me more grace now?

Will others’ expectations of me define me?

Do I tell myself, “people are counting on you to stay strong.” to help me stay strong? Is that a good thing to say to myself?

Can I celebrate this turning point? Or should I just pretend it isn’t happening?

Because there’s one thing I know for sure…I felt a breakthrough.

It wasn’t a microwave breakthrough. It was a breakthrough that only You could manufacture. It was a breakthrough bred in Your word, birthed in brokenness, and brought when I least expected it – after I sinned.

So what do I do?

Just keep doing what I’m doing?

Just keep worshipping You?

Okay, cool. Will do.

I love you.


Your Daughter