Darling…oh, my darling child.

If only you knew the road that you’re on.

If only you could see the unseen air bursting with artillery; spiritual casualties spawn by a cosmic shift in the war for your soul. If only you could see who is fighting for you.

You would give Him the praise that He’s due.

If only.

It’s okay.

You will, one day.

I can’t see your past, but I can declare your future.

I see you in my holy imagination with arms raised to the most High God. I see you floating on peace clouds, releasing your worries like the water that falls from the sky. As you elevate, your fears dissipate; and God illuminates your heart to see Him in all His glory. He lights up your eyes to see your bright and yearning life, hidden in Christ.

He rewinds your design to reflect the moment He spoke you into existence: You are His. Before You were formed in your mother’s womb, you were His. He knew you. And who He knew you as then, is who you are now.

The road you’re on is Faith road. Faith in who God is. Faith in who He says you are. Faith that moves mountains.

Hang on tightly.

This road is tumultuous, terrifying, teleological and telling. But it is the required reality for the child of God. Without it, we cannot please Him.

But you can handle it.

All these years, you’ve persisted, while hoping in nothing.

But what if your hope was living? What if your hope was alive with power and love? What if?

He is.

And He’s yours.

Nothing can keep you from Him now.

Just believe.