Envy is funny.
Have you ever watched someone else walking in their calling and get stricken with jealousy?
Have you ever wanted to know why things are taking so long for you?
Have you ever gotten jealous of your younger brother?
Have you ever wished things would move a little faster?
Have you ever gotten impatient?
Fear is funny.
Have you ever been attacked by shame?
Was that fun?
Did it make you cry?
Are you afraid that i’ll happen again?
Are you afraid that when it does happen again, you’ll willingly allow it to happen?
Have you ever been too proud to admit that you still struggle with shame?
Have you ever been proud of your shame?
Have you ever realized that all forces of darkness work together?

Fear and shame and pride and envy. A four-sided coin.
I’m afraid of feeling shame. I’m afraid of my prideful relationship with shame. I’m proud of my fear of shame. I envy the humble.
I’m a mess.
Are you a mess?
Or is it just me.

I hope it’s not just me.