even demons need permission

Some say Spring smells like Venus retrograde and rebirth.
But I think Spring brings new mercies.

Though the life of men is but a breath,
men trust in men.
Men trust in men from the past;
men who are no longer men.
Some say Jesus was one of those men;
who achieved the highest level of consciousness.
Just a man, fully aware.
His feet gliding on the Galilee,
gracing the Divine.

That’s wrong.

Jesus holds all things together.
Jesus was fully man, fully God,
now almighty.

And it is precisely because Jesus is the son of God
that the enemy must attempt to explain Him away
with deceitful diatribe and subtle libel.

Read the book of Mark.
When a demon-possessed man saw Jesus,
the legion of demons begged Him to allow them to remain in the country they were in.

Explain that.

By Gina Maria

28-years-old. Greek & Italian. Amy Winehouse's long lost Jesus-loving sister.

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