Earlier this week, I traveled to a tiny little touristy mountain town called Helen, GA. It was a lovely day, in every way. The sunshine, the cool mountain air, the Oktoberfest-dressed waitress at the German restaurant where we chose to dine for my uncle’s birthday lunch. Just a fun day.

But one moment stood out. It occurred during the 75 minute drive up to the town, while sitting in the back third row of my uncle’s minivan aside my 7-year-old cousin Sophia. She looked at me and said, 

“Hey Gina?”

I leaned back, slightly nauseous, but slowly turned my head from looking out the window to looking towards her. “Yes, Sophia?” 

“Can you sing that song?”

“Which song, Sophia?”

“You know! That song…the song that says…’Be free to love, ’cause love brings freedom…'”

I gasped and sat upright, looking directly at her. Now, she had my attention.

“What!” I exclaimed. “How do you know that song…?” 

“I saw it on Thia Eleni’s phone!” she replied. “Can you sing it? Pleeeease?”

I stared at her. I wrote that song. I forgot about that song. But I recorded it on my mom’s phone months ago. Sophia must have watched the video when my mom had come to visit Georgia in June…over three months ago.

She probably watched it once or twice. Maybe she watched it several times. Either way, 


And she’s seven.

I then received the word: this song needs to be heard.