here are some lessons God taught me this week.

Lesson #1:

Remember that time when I gave BJ a vision of you and I dancing together? And I told him to say,”God wants you to start dancing for Him”? I remember. You obeyed. You’d sheepishly play worship music in your bedroom in Connecticut and just begin to move; asking yourself, “Am I even doing this right?”

You were. I saw you.

Then, remember, several weeks later, you attended the “We Want More” Women’s retreat. And on the second day, you sat on that big puffy white ball on the fluffy white carpet while all those women prayed for you, asking me to share My heart for you. Different women spoke many, many beautiful words. But only one word made you cry. It came from that woman Elizabeth, the one visiting from California.

Her act was simple. She placed her hand on your knee, and gently commanded,

“Don’t stop dancing for Him. He loves it.”

And you cried. Remember that?

Then, remember your 24th birthday, when you danced for me at Holy Smoke Outreach to Dara Maclean’s live version of Blameless/How He Loves? Do you remember that explosion of Freedom, both physically, mentally, and emotionally; not only for you, but for the entire room?

Well, I speak it again. Don’t stop dancing. It unlocks a passage enabling my Spirit to burst into rivers of living water; pouring out and over you to graciously embrace everyone around you. Remember: it is for freedom that I set you free. And not just your own freedom; but for

others’ freedom, too.