Never before in my life have my senses so consistently and quickly  detected the peculiarly distasteful particles of my own self-righteousness. 

Translation – God is humbling me.

Hear my thoughts as the reapplied clumps of soggy dirt daily disappear  from my eyes, usually while worshiping.

“Wow. I am ____ (adjective, something undesirable and unfit for the path I’m on). How did I get that way?”

 —- Or —-

“I have a hard time  _____ (verb. usually, this is an importantly progressive action to the advancement of my wellbeing; and one which fear will convince me is unnecessary or impossible.) Why is that?”

But just as I’ve thought that thought, the answer comes. 

“I got this way because _______ (a clearly seen dissectional analysis of a singular or repeated experience, pulled from my own personal catalogue of this delirious mysterious dilemma we call “life.”)

The analysis will most assuredly conclude that it is because I, at one point, hurt someone, or at one point, someone hurt me. Or maybe, it’s just a lie I’ve always believed. 

Either way, it’s time to heal and move on. God will highlight things of importance. He brings a thing to attention because this particular wound that’s wound to a particular gift or fruit of the Spirit, is the one muscle that He wants to exercise through you…

very, very soon.  I…

I just wanna be ready.