All ways lead to the light, right?

Oh, how I would love to believe it. How enticing the prospect of never saying no. The road wide, without divide. Me and you. On the same side.

But…I can’t. I’ve been claimed by my Creator. My life is not my own. I know Truth.

And I know we’re not the same. You claim your power from within you. As you grow, you grow stronger; more confident in your own abilities. Manifesting your heart’s dreams as the world moves to the tune of your wants. And now, you want me.

But…I’ve run from the world that you run. I run towards Him, because running away from Him never works. Generations of faith-filled prayers grabbed me from life’s lottery. Set me on my path. I’m moving, but I’m stuck right here. He wants me. And I need Him.

As I grow stronger, I grow weaker. My prayers are simple now. Just, “Jesus.” Humility clears my eyes and I see just how wide the gap really is. I need Him.

I really, really need Him.

And life without Him is a lie. Maybe not right now, because the enemy will give you all you want in this thing we call “life”. This definitive dash between dates on our tombstones.

But I live in the light of eternity. After all…if my hope in Christ was only for this life,

I’m more to be pitied than anyone in this world.