first, let me say…I get it.

your experiences are mysterious, but I know you’re not delirious.

here it is. your truth. what you do.

when you walk into a room, angels  respond, pull you along, sing you songs, right your wrongs.

through action and consequence, despondence and responses, their light guides you home.

but…why you?

my mind’s mirage flashes back to the conception of the idea of you. displays of deity and thievery desiring your desire, negotiating deals, defining what is real.

everybody wants you.

but not everybody can have you…because your will is free.

you’re born. you learn until it’s time to unlearn…eventually erasing all preconceptions to seek out what is true,

and blue and yellow and green and turquoise,

until a voice…your destiny’s voice speaks.

inviting you to enter the realm of the knowledge of all things, like the serpent did with Eve.

and you go.
will you ever come back?

i don’t know. you’re still so young.

but I just wanna say, before the light goes away…
that He 

is the only way.