when you say that you’re a follower of Jesus
and i then ask you where you worship
i am not merely making conversation.
i am not merely mocking those
who’s dependency relies in religiosity.
i’m just curious.
i’ve found my people,
and i pray you find yours too.
’cause it’s a long road home, not meant to walk alone.
each day, a journey
of loss, love, songs, wrongs, gifts, fits, writs of distance & resistance
sometimes we feel Him, sometimes we don’t.
but when we gather as one on sunday morning
the unpredictability of monday thru saturday
doesn’t matter.
well, it does matter.
because it reminds us that we’re just passing thru
and that THIS is the reality we cling to…
and somehow, another week has passed by,
and we all made it here safely.
we give Him glory
because when we sing and shout, He melts our doubts.
and as I look around, I am engulfed in freedom
and i know i’m not crazy, because, see?
he loves Jesus too!
and so does she
and she
and she
and he
and he
and the many of centuries past.
suddenly, it sinks in
my faith deepens, my hope renews.
and this joy party i participate in every sunday morning is just a
of what i will partake in for all of eternity.
and there’s something special about this crew God led me to
they’re a part of something bigger than themselves
and now, i am too
and all i need to do
is be
…that’s how you know you found your home.
so, church is not a buzzword
thrown around to heap guilt and shame
it’s an extension
of our new name.