Come see a man who told me everything I ever did.
Come and understand why I live the way I live…

…Because HE chose ME.

I knew His Father first. His love, His faithfulness.

But as I learned to walk the walk, 

I grew to love my Jesus.

My Jesus looks on me with eyes of compassion and tells me to go and sin no more.

He’s humble and homely, beautiful and broken, 

and as I pour my perfume on the floor,

I pray that the Jesus in John 4

Would be how the world 

sees the Church.

May we worship what we know, Feasting off the sweet presence that comes from divine obedience. And may we see and believe on our own accord, 

Grasping the authority of our Lord,

Declaring healing across the board.

Just so you know, I’m not there yet. 

But that’s where I’m going.

So come with me.

Come and see.