“But anyone who hates a brother or sister is in the darkness and walks around in the darkness. They do not know where they are going, because the darkness has blinded them.”

  • 1 John 2:11

I’m 24. I want to know where I’m going. Don’t we all?

On this life-long journey of not so much self-discovery as God-discovery, and me-in-God discovery, He continues to show me where to go. Sometimes it’s an unmistakably clear confirmation through such supernatural means; it had to be Him. Sometimes He allows His wisdom to transform my earthly thoughts into thoughts of Heaven. But sometimes, His living word excitedly breathes a hidden treasure into my heart.

This past weekend, God led me to this verse in 1 John to confirm the power and validity of His latest means of discovery in me – healing.

The verse says that hatred blinds us and keeps us in darkness. If that’s true, the opposite must also be true. Forgiveness frees us and unleashes the light needed to see where we’re going. 

In other words, the ability to discern where I’m going is contingent upon where I am and where I’ve been. My past does not necessarily dictate my future – but it will, if I don’t allow myself to heal. And any residual hatred or unforgiveness towards a family member, friend, – or even Jesus – will blind me from discovering my purpose and destiny.


Well, okay. How do we heal from emotional wounds?

Many have attempted to answer this question. In my experience, one sentence sums it all up:


 Jesus’ death and life promises freedom in every area of our lives. The Cross really is that powerful.

Do you believe that?

If not, ask God to give you supernatural faith in the authority and power of the Cross. Then, walk in it! Begin thanking Jesus for willingly bearing your own personal wounds, so you don’t need to. Talk to him. Talk it OUT. Ask him what he wants you to release to him, then give it to him. Say,

“Jesus, I believe that by your wounds, I am healed. I believe that she whom the Son sets free is free indeed. I give you this wound caused by my family/friend/whomever. I give you my pain. I know that you’ve experienced this very specific pain so that I don’t have to. I crucify this pain on the Cross with you. I know the Cross historically happened over 2,000 years ago, and that you felt my current pain 2,000 years ago, but I announce it now because nowbelieve it and receive it. What do you have to give me in return? I receive your forgiveness. I receive your peace. I receive your blessed assurance that I will never need to deal with this pain again. And I receive your blessed assurance that I truly forgive whomever has hurt me. AMEN!”

Now – please don’t say these words without first asking God for the faith in the truth behind them. There’s no magic in these words. There’s no magic in the way you say them. There’s power in the Cross, and we receive that power through faith. 

And as we allow the Cross to heal us, we receive direction. Personally, after releasing a parent wound to Jesus, he spoke major freedom into my character. He revealed to me just how this wound plagued my personality and habits – but he didn’t just leave me there. He gave me an awareness of my harmful tendency to rebel, and then freed me from it. He promised me a new ease in achieving maturity through accomplishing adult tasks without the hindrance of rebellion. Finally, he showed me how this new maturity will make my path clearer and lead me to where I’m going. 

Healing shines a light on our path. Unforgiveness keeps us blinded.

Which will you choose?