There comes a point in our walk with God when we must begin praying over others with confidence that we will hear His heart for them. It’s scary.

But He always speaks.

Recently, I participated in a corporate prayer session after church for a young man named Mike. Mike just graduated from a drug & alcohol Christian rehabilitation program called Pivot House; and landed an internship controlling the sound board at a local Assemblies of God church.

During prayer, I tangibly felt God direct me to address and bless Mike’s gift of worship. I spoke freely, thanking the Lord for leading His son to this new church; where he will have the freedom to share his gift. I also promised Mike I would come visit him on his first Sunday.

Next Saturday night, as I remembered my promise, I moaned. I didn’t really feel Iike going. But if there’s anything I’ve learned about Sunday mornings, it’s this – when I don’t want to go to church, it’s because I need to.

So, I visited Mike on his first day. Because I’d attended one other church of this denomination, I thought I knew what to expect.

I was wrong.

I stepped into a traditional older church building, and into a sanctuary filled with white wooden pews and stained beige patterned cushions. Blood red carpet drapes the floor and the stairs leading up to the stage; passing a “We Stand With Israel” sign hung on the left wall.

Most members of the congregation aged upwards of 60; hymnals in hand. The scary man leading the music announces that they’ve sung the same opening song every Sunday since the start over 50 years ago, so why are we so quiet? He then spoke sternly to Mike in front of everyone; scolding him about the volume of his microphone.

I just prayed.

But anxiety crept in as I remembered the words I prayed for him – promises of expression and growth in his gift of worship. Now, upon experiencing Mike’s new old school environment…those promises seemed impossible. I put my head down.

“Lord, I thought you led me to pray for Mike’s new opportunities here?” I asked. “It doesn’t seem like these folks would welcome change very well…”

And I began to doubt my ability to hear Him.

The service continued and eventually ended. I greeted Mike afterwards as he pulled me aside excitedly.

“So…are you free on March 20th? The pastor here wants to bring young people in to change things up and he’s allowing me to lead worship on that morning! So I could really use anyone that would be willing to serve.”

Well, well, well. My doubts lied, again. I was right. I did hear God.

I assuredly agreed to help and immediately thanked the Father not only for leading me to pray that prayer – but answering it. Then, I thanked Him for dragging me out of bed to tangibly see the answer for myself; and allowing me to be a part of it. And finally, I thanked Him for teaching me to hear His voice. Because if I had never obeyed His nudging in the first place, none of this would have happened.

God is real. And God is good.