Then Jesus declared, ‘I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.’”– John 6:35

We all crave our fathers’ approval. We don’t all receive it. But those of us fortunate enough to regularly hear the coveted words, “I love you,” and “You’re beautiful,” from the mouths of our earthly fathers can more readily accept words of love spoken by our Heavenly Father. I, thankfully, can attest to this. Because God blessed me with a loving, gentle, earthly Father, receiving from and relating to my Heavenly Father flows naturally; through the person of the Holy Spirit.

Speaking of the Holy Spirit…He gets me, too. Though I’ve grieved Him in the past, He’s remained faithful. He’s my comforter, my teacher, my friend. And we fall deeper and deeper into love each time I worship. I can’t sing or dance without Him. Now, we talk all the time – He even helps me pick out a parking spot.

But relationally connecting to the second member of the Trinity, the Son, has never been easy. For those of us raised in church, “died for our sins” very well could be Jesus’ last name. Our ears hear that powerful, precious name and our mind automatically fills in the painful suffix.

And while every bit of that description is true; over time, without a real relationship, the words wither in love and grow in guilt. Yes, Jesus died. But what else did He do?

He rose again. He’s alive. And He tells us that just as we believe in, adhere to, and trust in the Father, we are to believe in, adhere to, and trust in Him.

Um, this confession is quite embarrassing. I’m a Christian admitting that I don’t quite know Christ. Sure, I believe in Him and I accept His words as truth. But have I really searched the riches of who He is? Every spiritual blessing is found in Him. And order to access these blessings, we must lose our lives in love for the Son; feeding on His faithfulness.

But my sins made Jesus DIE. Why would he accept my love now?

Because we are the joy set before Him.

Just how much does Jesus love it when we love him?

“Then Jesus spoke up and said, ‘Every time I do the will of the Father who sent me, I enjoy a feast.’”
– John 4:34 TPT

Jesus spoke these words after an enriching divine appointment with the Samaritan woman at the well. See, time spent with Him is not only food for us – it’s food for Him. As we feed on His faithfulness, He feeds on ours.

If you find yourself feeling guilty at the mention of His name, I would encourage you to press into Him. Ask Him how He really feels about you. Tell Him what’s on your heart and let Him change your mind. He’s more than willing to live through you. And He is the way, the Truth, and the life – He is our connection to the Father!

The enemy attaches guilt to His name because he knows how much power it holds. He knows the incredible intimacy made available to us because of Jesus’ blood. And he fears a people so connected to the Cross, because ultimate humility brings glorification – bringing God’s Kingdom, here and now.

Do not feed on lies, feed on Truth – He is the Bread of Life.