For God so loved His daughters,
that He gave His only Son.
That whosoever relies on Him,
her battle will be won,
By the One who reigns, til Kingdom Come.
We, the pretty ones, his favorite ones.
The apple of His eye.
Plagued with pride
by our enemy,
who doesn’t want us to survive.
He knows the power of a holy bride.
I’ve learned,
that our curse is a blessing,
Because it unveils our weakness, and therefore, strength.
God teaches us the posture of surrender
not just to man, but to God.
He, defender of the weak,
says the greatest will be the least.
And He supplies our breath, regardless of whether we believe.
But relinquishing control allows us to succeed,
in all things.
The honest gain common sense, those with integrity are protected.
…In what are you invested?
In fighting a fight that’s already been won,
though there’s nothing new under the sun?
Angels long to look into these things!
Truths greater than any song we can sing,
eternal realities of unfair favor and intimacy with our Creator.
ALL power flows from the Throne of Grace,
and is not limited or constricted by the systems of this world.
Be Strong and Courageous.
He has given us the land!
Let’s take a stand
and speak for those whose voices cannot be heard,
defending the truly weak and meek that seek a Savior,
serving as God’s hands and feet with shoes of peace that man can’t understand.
For God so loved his daughters,
that they may love each other.