The mind. Sin’s main stage. Like its father, sin is an actor. 

As I close my eyes, the lights go down. The show begins. In darkness, everything looks the same. Selfishness masquerades as service, whispering secrets of false sacrifice. Pride parades as piety and promises prosperity, while lust pretends to be love.

I know better. I should get up from my comfy seat in the audience and stop the show….but, I don’t. No, I play the fool. I’m mesmerized by memories. Thoughts not held captive now hold me captive. And thought gives birth to deed and a seed becomes a weed…

Restlessness. Envy. Bitterness. Worry.



…Tears. Regrets that drip from the cavern of the mind.

The flood. An outer representation of inner insecurities. Liquid words.

And He hears them all.

See, though sin may fool me, it can’t fool Him. Because to Him, the night shines as bright as day and darkness and light are the same. 

But still, His heart hurts for me. He beckons me to our secret place; to put down Facebook and to look in His face.

Consecration – a divine pruning session meant to lessen the obsession with myself and to impress the lesson of Christ’s resurrection, not my insurrection.

Conviction – a gentle indication that infatuation paves the way for humiliation; leading to revelation that God is God and I am not.

Surrender – apart from Him, I can do nothing.


For it is not that I sinned, but that His mighty hand might be displayed in me. For only He can turn what man meant for evil into good. And only He can heal the blind, even those with open eyes that choose to walk in darkness.

And at just the right time, only He can turn on the light.