So, if you know me, you probably know that I’m a pretty big Donald Glover fan. Last Saturday, a friend and I went to his show at Hammerstein Ballroom and unlike the hundreds of brace-faced 18-year-olds on their iPhones recording the entire show, I chose to leave my phone in my purse (although I had promised my friends I’d take pictures…sorry…) and instead, JAM OUT – so. hard. Luckily for me, those kids seemed to have captured the essence of almost every song, and now I have the opportunity to relive my experience through their Instagram accounts. Sweet.

In any case, the concert was 4 days ago, and I’m still listening and singing his stuff religiously. Like, all day long. Subsequently, I had a realization yesterday…

I’m often frustrated by what I like to call female “hip pop” music – (i.e., Jhene Aiko, Rihanna) because as much as I want to sing it, the songs just don’t vibe well with my voice. I’ve been trained in musical theatre and jazz, hence I’ve got a little too much vibrato and depth to sing clear and simple melodies. I thought all hope of doing a cover of any female verse on a Childish song was lost…until… dawned on me….

“Letter Home” from Gambino’s album Camp. More than anything, this song is a musical number! You know – the dramatic last song that comes at the end of the first act or the beginning of the second; something like an “On my Own” from Les Miz. Something I can sing! Additionally, I think Letter Home, just like everything Donald Glover does, was purposefully written. It’s really powerful, and it provides an insight into the potential future of Donald Glover’s career – yes, I’m talking musicals. Why not!? He can write words, stories, music. It’ll be a new, fantastic brand of musical theatre. And golly, when it does happen, I’ll make it my life’s goal to be cast in them. Just wait.